This research exercises the conceptual theoretical approach on public policy. Implementation and evaluation towards the outcome of the policy become one of the perspectives in observing the subject of this research. Data gathering will employ several methods such as observation, interview and FGD which will triangulated in order to retrieve valid data. Long term strategy that is used to overcome the problems faced by tobacco farmer was laid down in a form of Regional Law No 6 of 2008 which put a concern on Madura tobacco trading system. The implementation of this regional law faced many problems especially regarding the human resources. While other factors such as disposition and communication was done quite good and the bureaucratic structure was especially performed well. The flaw in resources factor leads to the lack of effectiveness, sufficiency, equality, receptiveness and accuracy which are used as an indicator for the successfulness in implementation of government policy in Pamekasan. In conclusion, the Regional Law No 6 of 2008 is still far from achieving its own designated goal which are building Maduran tobacco market that is honest, open and oriented towards tobacco farmers wellbeing.

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